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North Korea Offers To Pay Debt In Ginseng 1

Posted by samzenpus
from the what-will-you-take-in-trade? dept.
While ginseng is supposed to stimulate the blood, North Korea is hoping it can stimulate their economy by using the root to pay off debts. From the article: "Czech officials confirmed that Pyongyang had offered to settle 5 per cent of its Kc186M ($10M) in accumulated debt in ginseng, an invigorating root used in dietary supplements and teas that are supposed to improve memory, stamina and libido. Communist Czechoslovakia was a leading supplier of heavy machinery, trucks and trams to North Korea."
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North Korea Offers To Pay Debt In Ginseng

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  • ..I'm going to drop into my bank and offer to clear my overdraft with some herbs I found in the fridge. Why did I never think of that before?!

    Govt official: Prsident, I have secured payment of north korea's debts. I have 300 thousand tonnes of ginseng arriving tomorrow
    President: We make heavy machinery. We make trucks. We make trams. WHat do we want a life supply of dietary supplements for? If we wee in Korea you would be doing hard labor now.

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