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3D Printers Create Edible Objects 72

MrShaggy writes "An engineering lab and a culinary school have teamed up to construct novel edible objects with 3D printers that use pureed foods in place of ink. From the article: '"It lets you do complex geometries with food that you could never do by hand," said Jeffrey Lipton, a researcher and graduate student at the lab. "So far, we've printed everything from chocolate, cheese and hummus to scallops, turkey, and celery," Lipton told CBC Radio's Spark in an interview that aired Sunday.'"


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3D Printers Create Edible Objects

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  • Someone go patent some shit about the .. well, something that occurs somewhere among the process of creating small spaceship-like or donkey-dung like 3d printed snacks or something.
    • by toastar (573882)
      I told my brother I was building a 3D printer and eventually I would get a 3D scanner, Basically making a 3D copy machine...

      His first question was: Can I copy my junk?
  • by mewsenews (251487) on Monday March 07, 2011 @06:25PM (#35413026) Homepage
    Nerd: feel like a.. chocolate cheeseburger? *snort* Girl: what do you mean Nerd: it's a cheeseburger, made of chocolate *chuckles* Girl: why is that funny? Nerd: it's- Girl: OK, I'm leaving
  • Somebody invents a 3D food printer and we get **AUDIO**? Isn't that sort of the wrong way to convey this information?
  • Sounds perfect for the production of rude food!
  • I've been working on this. They beat me to it... :(
    • by xMrFishx (1956084)

      Just patent troll them instead. It's like inventing, but uses more lawyer and less moral in the money recipe.


  • With lots of BBQ sauce: http://www.mndl.hu/works/fractalcow [www.mndl.hu]

    Now how do I find the T-bones on that thing?

  • There was one done quite a bit ago that used sugar as the print material. Wasn't very high resolution, but it worked, and could be eaten. Also, I've heard of Rep-raps using chocolate (and other substances) in the past.

    This also doesn't appear very high resolution, so I'm failing to see what about this is first or even particularly novel about it. The only first I see is the specific things they used.

    Ah, indeed, I have found a link: http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/candyfab [evilmadscientist.com]

    • by shish (588640)

      The only first I see is the specific things they used

      Exactly -- they're making spaceships out of cheese, what's not awesome about that?

      (And even if not particularly newsy, it is at least a lot more nerdy than most other front page stories :P)

    • by jbeaupre (752124)

      Not even close to first. I used an SLA-190 to make complicated molds for chocolates in 1994. And probably not the first. I would be shocked if someone didn't use an SLS system to directly make complex shapes out of food around the same time or before.

      My biggest complaint with today's homebrew rapid prototyping is the poor resolution. Pitiful even by standards 20 years ago.

  • Refills (Score:4, Funny)

    by Nidi62 (1525137) on Monday March 07, 2011 @06:52PM (#35413372)
    You could print up stuff using caviar and Kobe beef and it'd still be cheaper than ink refills.
    • Hell, it could be human blood and it would still be cheaper than HP Black ink #49...
      • by Kozz (7764)

        Hell, it could be human blood and it would still be cheaper than HP Black ink #49...

        I've actually heard that #49 is manufactured using truffle oil.

    • by fotoguzzi (230256)
      Thank you! Exactly what I was thinking, but exponentially more elegant.
  • by macraig (621737) <{mark.a.craig} {at} {gmail.com}> on Monday March 07, 2011 @07:03PM (#35413518)

    This will certainly redefine 'Spam', that's for sure.

  • ... graphics printed on wedding cakes. Or even complex 3D decorations as a business model real soon now.
  • A kitchen conversation in a few years:

    "Mom! I'm hungry!"

    "You know how to print a double cheeseburger yourself, young man."

  • "Go download me a hoagie from the Internet!"

    • Oh great. Now we're going to have Subway and McDonald's complaining about Internet pirates offering subs and cheeseburgers for free download which costs them sales. Then KFC will declare that Open Source Fried chicken is a copyright violation of their Original Recipe and they have proof (which will only be seen at trial and which will eventually be revealed to be similar ingredients like "chicken" and "breadcrumbs").

  • Tea. Earl grey. Hot.

  • no other comment
  • ... new types of monster munch.
  • sudo email_me_a_sandwhich
  • ... to stick in the kitchen. Though, I might be able to replace the food processor with one of these.
  • to the "dog ate my homework" line.

  • I swear I saw a story the other night that they printed out a heart. I was only half paying attention and had a few drinks so I just kind of shook it off like I must have missed something. Turns out they didn't just print them out but the thing beats.... eeerry

    http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2007/11/printed-heart-c/ [wired.com]

    "Organ ‘Printing’ Creates Beating Heart Cells"
    "A Missouri professor took several types of chicken heart cells and 3D printed them into large sheet

  • Shaped like real cartoon characters!

    "Timmy, do you want Mickey's arm or his leg?"

  • sudo make me a sandwich


  • Can it print money yet?

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