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Student Makes Official Complaint After Term-Paper Company Delivers Paper Late 4

Posted by samzenpus
from the no-honor-among-thieves dept.
You can imagine how upset an unnamed college senior in Colorado was when the term paper she paid good money for wasn't delivered in time. So, she did what any cheater who had just been cheated would, she made an official complaint to the Better Business Bureau. "I ordered it, and they were supposed to have it back to me within four days. I constantly emailed. Nobody replied to me. Then (Kavoosi) calls me and says under no circumstances am I going to get a refund," she said. If you can't count on a company that sells creative/educational works that you can claim as your own, who can you trust?
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Student Makes Official Complaint After Term-Paper Company Delivers Paper Late

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  • ...if she had taken all the time/effort she has trying to get her money back and just wrote her paper in the first place.
    Company is a bit of a scumbag for this move though, there really is no person in the right in this story.
    • It really amazes me the lengths that people go to not have to put any effort into anything. When someone gets something that's free and it stops working they make all the complaints in the world to get some form of credit so it gets them free money they were never entitled to in the first place. This young lady is I'm sure violating the school's honor code by doing this, but granted she spent money so she wants her product. I agree the company did kind of pull a dochebag move, but the girl should have al

  • Catching plagiarism is pretty easy. Usually the mix of styles is an immediate clue - and otherwise you just past a couple of specific phrases into Google. This kind of cheating is a lot harder to catch. Actually, if the student isn't dumb (and actually reads the paper before handing it in), it's essentially impossible to catch.

    On the other hand, it doesn't help you on a final exam.

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