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Cambridge Hires Students to Babysit Drunken Partygoers 3

Just when the students of St John’s College thought the worst job the school could provide was being a lunch server, the administration came up with something even more insidious: babysitting drunks. For a rumored £100 per night, “carer volunteers” will make sure their fellow classmates don't pass out somewhere, get home, and generally stay out of trouble. A college spokesman says: "The college authorities, with the full co-operation of the student body, are putting in place measures to provide support, through trained volunteers, for any students who become incapacitated through excessive alcohol consumption."
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Cambridge Hires Students to Babysit Drunken Partygoers

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  • I was paid $7.15/hour as a TA (grading papers, tutoring, etc.) and made ~$100 in a week. To think you could make that money in a single night, or triple over 3 nights, is totally worth it! Worst job? Sounds more like best job!
    • by Locke2005 (849178)
      Not to mention the fringe benefits -- access to loads of drunk girls! I'd sign up for that job just as soon as I secured a large supply of industrial strength condoms...
    • by dasolito (2121942)
      I usually end up having to do that for free with my friends anyways.

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