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Former University Head Charged With Running Prostitution Ring 1

Posted by samzenpus
from the masters-in-pimping dept.
timothy writes "'Police say five people have been arrested and two more are sought in connection with a prostitution website operated by a New Jersey professor.' Yeah, and one of them used to head a major state university. Jeesh! I wonder if this will affect the Newsweek ratings for schools by forcing them to include a whole new column listing the best crimes committed by the university president."
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Former University Head Charged With Running Prostitution Ring

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  • To quote TFA :

    "At this point it looks purely coincidental" that two of the top members were academics, police Lt. William Roseman said.

    For a little more precision, this sounds more like a (semi-)organised group of "punters" (I think the American equivalent is a "Washington", or an "Adams" or something similar) with some degree of organisation to swap recommendations ("Crystal on 111-222-3333-4444 says she swallows, but really spits") and-or warnings (see previous comment).

    (Do I need to explain? Surely not

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