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Mexico's Recycled Concrete Tube Hotel 5

Posted by samzenpus
from the mario-approved dept.
Zothecula writes "Though the idea of sleeping inside a concrete tube probably doesn't sound that appealing, architect firm T3arc have found a way to make sleeping inside a pipe not only comfortable but also a holiday experience. Mexico's Tubohotel, which opened in 2010, is a unique and affordable holiday destination created from recycled concrete tubes. Located approximately 45 minutes south of Mexico City in the village of Tepoztlan, Morelos, the rooms of the hotel are stacked in a pyramid shape, reflecting the Aztec pyramid of El Tepozteco that overlooks the town."


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Mexico's Recycled Concrete Tube Hotel

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  • Is it cooler in them during the heat waves?

    • by v1 (525388)

      Is it cooler in them during the heat waves?

      I was thinking the same question. Stone and masonry can hold both heat and cold, it's a matter of which they're exposed to longer. The idea is to have it carry you through a shorter period of undesired temperatures. Brick in a fireplace radiating heat after the fire dies down and is out for the night, or cool concrete walls keeping the living room pleasant for the few hours direct light is shining in through the main windows.

      The provided picture shows shade over

  • I didn't see any pictures of bathrooms, but it does make me wonder how they are going to solve that part of it.

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