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Remotely Pat Your Pet With Kinect and a Wiimote 53

MrSeb writes "Taylor Valtrop, an enterprising roboticist with a penchant for kitties, has crafted the mother of all Kinect (and Wiimote!) hacks: The teleoperation of a robot to groom a cat. Using a Nao, a $15,000 robot; a treadmill (for moving the robot forward); a head-mounted display (to see what the robot sees); Kinect (for tracking his movements); and two Wiimotes (to move the robot's hands), Valtrop is able to pat a cat with surprising accuracy and gentleness (except for where he accidentally hits the cat in the face)."

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Remotely Pat Your Pet With Kinect and a Wiimote

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  • by Trepidity (597) <delirium-slashdot&hackish,org> on Tuesday January 03, 2012 @04:13PM (#38577086)

    By the end of the video the cat is pretty annoyed and trying to attack the robot...

    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward

      To be fair, based on my experiences with cats, that would have happened regardless of whether it was a person or a robot trying to pet it.

  • by I.S.Bear (1156485) on Tuesday January 03, 2012 @04:13PM (#38577088)
    make it internet interactive too :)
  • Most cats or dogs, Will run and hide in fear of that robot chasing after them. When cornered they will try to attack.

    Congratulations for $15k you have shorten your beloved pets life.
    • My dog was deathly afraid of the vacuum. I can't imagine most pets tolerating something like this.

      However, if you can convince them that a sexy woman is running the robot, lonely mmo-addicts will pay huge amounts of money for this kind of interaction.
      • We used to have a Husky that liked getting his fur vacuumed. Some animals will put up with a lot more than others...
  • Overlords? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday January 03, 2012 @04:16PM (#38577134)

    If cats have us going to this much trouble to brush them, I'd say it's pretty good evidence they're in control.

  • by elrous0 (869638) * on Tuesday January 03, 2012 @04:17PM (#38577154)

    At least he can't regard the Kinect with any less aloofness than he already does me.

  • My cat would run in mortal terror from that thing. Hell, I would run in mortal terror from that thing if it was scaled up to my size and coming at me like that....
    • by roc97007 (608802)

      Exactly. Kinda reminds me of Disneyland. Us adults see a cute cartoon character. Kids see a giant rat. And parents wonder why they're crying.

      • Re:Uh, yeah... (Score:4, Interesting)

        by Belial6 (794905) on Tuesday January 03, 2012 @07:34PM (#38580064)
        I have had conversations with my child (now 7) about his severe dislike of the people in character costumes. He only recently stopped avoiding them. He was very clear that he was never afraid of giant rats/bears/rabbits/etc... He was very clear that he always knew that they were people in costumes. He was just freaked out by PEOPLE in giant animal costumes.
    • by HTH NE1 (675604)

      [as Max piloting the Leonov's pod approaches the Monolith]
      Dr. Heywood Floyd: Maybe Max should extend the pod's arms. Put the hands out.
      Dr. Vasili Orlov: Are you serious?
      Dr. Heywood Floyd: Yes.
      Walter Curnow: I don't know about you, but that thing with its claws in the air would scare the piss out of me.
      Dr. Heywood Floyd: Maybe you're right.

  • I thought the point of the kinect was that it followed body motion and last time I checked hands were part of the body.

    Now if the Kinect doesn't get pick up the brush and rotate the hand/wrist I guess I can understand.

    However I think I'd like a Kinect and a Robosapien setup that let me have a mini-me running around the house virtually, though I think I'd use a footpedal on and off to move it forward instead of a treadmill.

    When I first saw the image I thought it was a Robosapien, I'm not convinced its a $15,

    • by thepike (1781582)
      Yeah, I thought that too at first. But I have to assume the point is that the kinect can see if you lift the hand, but not how to orient it it. Plus the buttons on the wiimotes give a way to open and close the fingers.
  • Yeah, I don't see that inspiring terror in any reasonable cat.

    Y'know, the same critters that consider the vacuum cleaner their nemesis; that try to eviscerate the computer when a CD pops out unexpectedly (to them); that will barely allow a live human to pet them and only when in the right mood?
  • by roc97007 (608802) on Tuesday January 03, 2012 @04:44PM (#38577674) Journal

    Combine with Wolowitz's robot hand...

    ...but seriously, what pet wants to be petted by a robot? If that actually worked, I could program the robot to pet the dog periodically, and just ignore it. At least, until the dog buries the pieces in the back yard.

  • by Sez Zero (586611) on Tuesday January 03, 2012 @04:44PM (#38577680) Journal

    ...with a penchant for kitties...

    That's his problem right there.

  • Remotely Pat Your Pet With Kinect, Two Wiimotes, Treadmill, HUD, Computer, and $15,000 Robot

  • by phayes (202222) on Tuesday January 03, 2012 @05:05PM (#38578046) Homepage

    Sure, I can see that as becoming popular, just with another of your girlfriends personal hygiene tools...

  • Google for 'Adrian Cheok chicken', or the poultry internet. Without kinect, but with a plastic chicken...

  • It won’t be long until every household has a cheap, teleoperated robot that can be logged into remotely, mark my words.

    and what happens when its hacked ?

  • Sure if you have $15k burning a hole in your pocket by all means get a fully articulated robot. But for the rest of us, is there something similar that connects via WiFi? Only things I can think of are Robosapien (doesn't work via Wifi)...
  • ...because that ruins his credibility.

    Also, will someone always be around to give his little robot the cat brush?

    My dog would destroy that thing if it tried to pet her when no one was home.

  • Skip to 3:20 for the cat punch.

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