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Toddlers Who Don't Like Spicy Food Labeled Racist 12

The National Children's Bureau, a government sponsored agency in the UK, has issued guidelines to people who work with young children advising them to be alert for racist incidents among kids in their care. This includes youngsters who say, 'yuck' when fed an unfamiliar foreign food. Not even babies are exempt from scrutiny according to the 366-page guide as they can 'recognize different people in their lives.' I wonder if they think it's good or bad to like Aunt Jemima pancakes?
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Toddlers Who Don't Like Spicy Food Labeled Racist

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  • Injecting vials of pure concentrated political correctness directly into the fetus, to head off this epidemic of unprovoked racism in children.

  • My daughter likes peanut butter, but not jelly. If you like jelly, just get in the back of the bus.

    But seriously, this is fucking ridiculous. If a toddler doesn't like hot sauce, it doesn't mean they hate Cajuns.

  • How far are we going to take PC? Give me a break! Angela []
  • This must be why the crayon colors of black, yellow, white, red, and brown are getting updated names like "nightshade, lemon, chalk, ruby, and chocolate". Can't have the kids subconciously assigning colors to people.
  • 99% of what kids say and do is based on what comes out of someone else's mouth. There's not a lot of volition involved to sort through various inputs and say "this is worthwhile, this isn't". That's called being an adult.

    (many adults do not develop this capability either, but that's another story).

    If a child is exposed to food X at home and nothing but food X, food Y is going to make the little dears turn up their noses.

    While teachers should do their part to try to make the world of their charges larger t

  • How about this one: My 3-year old nephew told my sister a couple weeks ago he wanted to go down and see the "penguins." It turns out he was pointing at a bunch of black guys wearing white tshirts.

  • The article, although scary enough with the information it provided, failed to mention what action the caregivers were supposed to take in such a circumstance. I wonder what the hell the secret police wants them to do to the poor racist toddlers.
  • HMM! (Score:3, Informative)

    by Stooshie ( 993666 ) on Wednesday July 09, 2008 @07:01AM (#24114437) Journal
    My first thought was OMG! Then I realised it was from The Telegraph. They have a well known tendency to exaggerate any story that has anything to do with legislation of any sort. It keeps their ranting right-wing readers happy.
  • ...made up by the Telegraph, can someone explain to me exactly how this isn't labeling a kid because his parents have a limited palette?
  • I doubt any of those kids would enjoy a red beet egg, and that's CLEARLY racist against my pennsylvania dutch heritage.

    I for one eagerly look forward to these kids being forced to eat surstromming. If you don't eat it, you're racist!

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