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Slashdot's Disagree Mail 188

Since we covered people who wanted out of Slashdot last week, I thought we'd look at some people who wanted back in. These users found that living without Slashdot was a lot harder than they thought. Maybe you've just been married and are finding out your wife is less interesting than Slashdot or maybe you were bad and want to make amends. These people found out it's hard to make it without your favorite website. Keep reading to find out what they'll do to get back.

I realize that sometimes it's hard to figure out when you've crossed the line. It just seemed so obvious in this case that I wasn't sure what to write back. The other thing to remember here is that this guys name was a synonym for excrement, joined with a sex act.

On Sun, 26 Jun 2005 ******* wrote:
"People have the right to say what they want. If you are going to run a website thats free you have to let me talk about fucking animals if I want. I don't really fuck them but if I did it's none of your business if I want to talk about it. I know I will be marked as a troll I don't care about that. I care about not being able to post more. I don't care if I've been modded down or that my karma is low. I have inner karma not some stupid number you made up. If my inner karma is ok with talking about something bad that I don't do you should be to. Let me post more."

Don't get me wrong I like Slashdot but if you are a newlywed and you want to spend more time here than with your new wife, you married poorly. Maybe if you did some more "working" on your wife, you'd find something much better to do in the dark than read Slashdot.

On Wed, 2 July 2008 ********* wrote:
"I know you're busy but was wondering if you can help me out. I really like reading Slashdot but my new wife hates how much I check it during the day. She says that I should check on her as much but we both know that she doesn't update as much :-). LOL but really she doesn't. I thought I could teach her how cool gadgets and geeks are but she doesn't believe me and won't even try. I'm sitting in the dark down here right now so she won't see me. I've rambled enough what I want to ask of you is that maybe you could post more girl kinda stories. She likes horses and has had them since she was a little girl maybe something about horses. If you can't I understand but would really reallly appreciate it. If you can even mail me some stories you find that she might like just mail me the URL and maybe together we can convert her. I really want to read more and talk to her less. If you could work on her for me I'll be the most loyal reader ever."

This is one of my favorite mails of all time. Getting propositioned to bend the rules at work is the type of thing that is usually reserved for politicians or people working concert security. This lady proved that Valentine's Day can be lonely and there is nothing someone would not do to post to Slashdot.

On Fri, 14 Feb 2003 ****** wrote:
"I've been banned because you say I've been bad. How bad would you like me? I have some pictures on ******* my username is ****** If you like what you see let me know maybe we can work something out. I've always had a thing for the smart guys. Just thinking about what we could do is making my face flush and my nipples get hard. I'm going to need to change my panties I think. Maybe I'll let you change them for me. I live in Boston but travel a lot. All I need is a little slashdot love but I'm sure you can give me a lot. I'd like to straddle you and let my motuh wander over your ears, licking them while you tell me how I shouldn't have done what I did. You grab my hair and..."

It goes on for a couple of paragraphs, I'll spare you the details except to mention that the word "enter" was tattooed in a few places that you can probably imagine. To be honest at this point I was hoping I would find an Esc tattoo somewhere. She ends with:

"... I couldn't be more serious. I have a feeling that we can work something out that we both would enjoy."


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Slashdot's Disagree Mail

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