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Teacher Laid Off For Telling the Truth About Santa 26

Pfhorrest writes "The Times Online reports, "A supply teacher has been told not to return to one primary school after she told a class of seven-year-olds that Santa Claus did not exist. Children at Blackshaw Lane Primary School in Oldham were talking about Christmas when the teacher came out with the news. Father Christmas was not responsible for delivering their presents on Christmas Eve, the pupils were taught. The teacher, who had been drafted in for just the day, has now been told not to come back. Parents complained to the school after their children returned home to recount what they had learned in lessons that day." With all the contention about teaching religion (or the lack thereof) in schools these days, what do you all think about similar issues regarding more frivolous popular folklore like Santa Claus?" And what about Cthulhu? Should a 7-year-old be forewarned that he will eventually exist in a world of sublime madness at the whim of the ancient ones?


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Teacher Laid Off For Telling the Truth About Santa

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    "A supply teacher has been told not to return to one primary school ..."

    "Supply" teacher? In what country/planet do they teach 7 year olds about supply chain management?

    • by Anonymous Coward

      In case this isn't a troll, it's UKian-English for "substitute teacher". As in, a fill-in from a generic supply, and not the main teacher. Also, the supply teacher wasn't laid off; just asked not to return to that school.

  • I suppose you could make all sorts of legalistic, pedantic arguments about why what she did was justifiable. But at the end of the day, it's just a mean thing to do. Why would we want someone like this teaching seven year olds?

    I dunno, if it happened to our 5 year old I probably wouldn't put up too much of a stink. I'm sure my wife and I would vent to each other about how stupid it was. I guess the subversive thing to do would be to just tell our son, "Oh she's just mean, you don't need to list to that

    • Re: (Score:2, Interesting)

      by Anonymous Coward

      I suppose you could make all sorts of legalistic, pedantic arguments about why what she did was justifiable.

      Because, you know... it's the truth?

      Lying to your children is still lying, and it's a sin acording to the same bible where the christams celebration is _supposed_ to come from (putting aside the fact that originally was a pagan celebration).

      Sorry, but christmas is not a celebration where "Santa brings you gifts", its the celebration of the event when hope came down to the damned humanity. Its the celebration of the freedom of the whole human race against their own sins.

      I'm so sick of this thinkofthechildren

      • In the real world, people get lied to all the time. Not just on-off lies, either, but big, huge lies everyone seems to believe for years on end. So maybe being told there's a Santa and then finding out it's not true is a good learning experience for all.
    • Being Jewish in this Christian country (Christmas is a "secular" holiday? Riiiight...), my wife and I had to solve the issue of what to tell our kids about Santa when they were young. On the one hand, we were not comfortable lying to them, but on the other hand, we did not think it was fair to their Christian friends' families for us to send them to school saying, "I know something you don't know! Santa Claus is fake. I have proof!"

      While I'll never understand why Christians find it so damaging to a chil

  • and we had our first Christmas at school. My peers in the class were all talking about this dude Santa... when I got home I asked my dad that my class mates got their presents from a dude called Santa... My dad replied... "Son you get you presents from me and your mom. End of story."

    Yes as a catholic the whole St. Claus is VERY different if taught the right way.

    In any event I for one like the truth approach rather than some mumbo jumbo wool over my eyes carp.

    Lying is never good but it is even worse to lie t

  • too bad that one cannot fire the parents that tell weird stories to their kids (which is fine) and wantto sell these fabricated and highly unbelievable stories to be accepted as truth (which is a crime against the intelligence of their kids).

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