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Man Teaches the Art of the Excuse Note 4

High school teacher Frank McCourt had received dozens of excuse notes from students over the years, most of them forgeries. One day while looking at the pile of obvious fakes, and thinking about how much the kids complained about writing even short essays, he had an epiphany. Why not teach the art of the excuse note? "This is the first class to study the art of the excuse note — the first class, ever, to practice writing them. You're so lucky to have a teacher like me who has taken your best writing and turned it into a subject worthy of study," he said to the class. Frank's classes have written a wide range of notes including ones from Adam and Eve to god, and historical figures. Frank was even commended by the school superintendent for his innovative idea. "That kid writing an excuse note for Judas. Brilliant. I just want to shake your hand. There might be a letter in your file attesting to your energetic and imaginative teaching. Thank you," he said.


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Man Teaches the Art of the Excuse Note

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  • The teacher showed his students that writing can be fun, and useful and stimulating. All those hours writing dull essays and book reports are precisely the sort of thing that's killing education. Kids learn early on that education is boring and tedious and good for nothing - droll repetition. Give the kids a reason to grapple with a problem that excites them, and they'll surprise you every time.
    • by jd2112 ( 1535857 )
      It's a well known fact that a typical high school student will spend more time and energy getting out of an assignment than it would take to actually do it in the first place, so why not make the assignment to write an excuse note! It's brilliant! Even if they aren't doing their homework they ARE doing their homework!
  • Frank McCourt, the man behind such literary marvels as Angela's Ashes, talked about that in his autobiography which was published in 2005. Idle is crap, but crap from 2005, really?

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