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Cops Say Man Used Young Son To Pick Up Women 14

Police in Utica, Michigan put an end to a divorced man's weekend visitation with his son after it was discovered he was using the young boy to help pick up women. The 7-year-old would approach women in the park and ask, "if they would like to meet his dad so he could have a mother." If that didn't work, the world's youngest wingman would begin to cry and try to get the unsuspecting women to take him back to his father's car. Eventually, several men in the park figured out what was going on and alerted the police. The father was arrested, charged with disorderly conduct, and possession of steel testicles.


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Cops Say Man Used Young Son To Pick Up Women

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  • Seriously, arrested? I seriously doubt the kid really knew the magnitude of what he was doing. Just call the dad a damn douche and be on with it.
    • I predict the next headline will read something like this: "Cops Say Man Used Puppy To Pick Up Women At The Park" Or perhaps: "Cops Say Man Used Unripe Fruit To Pick Up Women At The Grocery"
    • well I don't think they arrested the kid

    • by Abreu ( 173023 )

      Agreed. While not as extreme as "Please meet my dad so that I can have a mommy", my brother in law used to pull a similar trick.

      He would take my 2-year old for trips to the mall where he would meet his high-school girl friends... Instant popularity for him, and my kid would have 4-5 simultaneous babysitters looking at him play in the plastic playground in the mall.

      In the meantime, me and my wife would have a very nice time watching a movie...

  • This clearly seems to be just a joke...
  • Kittens and puppies work at least as well, and they're cheaper to get rid of after they've done their job.

  • by superwiz ( 655733 ) on Monday August 17, 2009 @10:19PM (#29100243) Journal
    seems like it's the unlawful-arrest excuse of choice nowadays.
    • by Lumpy ( 12016 )

      Disorderly conduct was designed to give the police a catch all way of arresting anyone. It's used to quell people protesting, people who are even in their home can be arrested for disorderly conduct.

      It's designed mostly from the early 20-30's to be used as a way to arrest any black person at will, but has been kept around to be used as a tool to arrest anyone at any time.

  • I can understand the rational for this type of tactic. Women love cute kids and it works like a really good pick up line that doesn't sound cheesy. It is portrayed in movies and T.V shows all the time... The thing I don't agree with is the guy being trashed and driving, thus putting the child's life in danger. Those reasons I can understand why his visitation was revoked ,why he was arrested and why he has to now deal with C.P.S. For that the guy deserves the golden douche award. But the sole reason

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