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Man Walks Over 18 Miles on Broken Glass 7

If there is an easier way to raise money for charity than walking on 18 miles of broken glass, 56-year-old Nigel Jardine hasn't heard of it. Nigel walked an octagonal course of broken glass for 27.5 hours, setting a new world record and raising money for the charity, Action for Children. The walk was held at the Bageecha restaurant in his home town. "I'm used to walking on broken glass but I suppose the customers at the restaurant weren't used to watching someone do it as they tucked into their meals," he said.


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Man Walks Over 18 Miles on Broken Glass

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  • Isn't he supposed to be crawling, rather than walking? And isn't there supposed to be a hot babe at the end that he wants to take a shot at?

    • I'd be much more impressed if he had run with scissors for 18 miles over broken glass ... to raise money for a children's charity.
  • by Z8 ( 1602647 )
    TFA never said whether he was barefoot, or if the picture was connected to the glass-walking.
  • Pff thats nothing! I run Windows. Do you see ME getting money for my pains? NO!
    • But are you running Windows for a children's charity? No? Then you're not in the same league.
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  • She wants her song back.

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