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Man Claims to be In the CIA to Get Out Of Speeding Ticket 24

56-year-old Scott Gibson, was unable to convince the police of Mount Carmel, Tenn. that he was in fact, special agent lead foot, deputy chief of the CIA. After receiving a speeding ticket, Gibson sent back a copy of the citation with a handwritten note, claiming he wasn't subject to local speed zones because he was the deputy chief of the CIA. The cops contacted the CIA, which confirmed that he wasn't and never had worked for the agency. The police thought the joke was so funny, they arrested him and charged him with criminal impersonation.


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Man Claims to be In the CIA to Get Out Of Speeding Ticket

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  • by dcavanaugh ( 248349 ) on Tuesday August 25, 2009 @11:05PM (#29196195) Homepage

    At that point, who would the cops call?

    • by d12v10 ( 1046686 )

      They'd call a local CSS office, get transferred, and talk to the section chief.

    • Any of the contact addresses here: []

    • by EWAdams ( 953502 ) on Friday August 28, 2009 @08:36PM (#29238333) Homepage

      My dad has nothing to do with the cops, but has donated to the Fraternal Order of Police for years. He has their stickers all over the back of his car and their (auxiliary) membership card in his wallet next to his driver's licence. He might get a talking to, but he doesn't get tickets.

      • Now that's a crime the FBI should look into. Cop-lover or cop-hater, if you pull someone over for speeding, give them a ticket. Period. That's the reason why you pulled them over, for a ticket, not to judge if he/she deserves a ticket or not. That always gets to me about these staties...
      • by selven ( 1556643 )
        Sounds like a layer of obfuscation on top of the Russian system.
  • If he was a classified operator/analyst, he wouldn't be admitting that in order to get out of a speeding ticket, he would shut up, smile at the cop, call someone at the office and have them make a discreet call to someone who would make sure the ticket disappeared. Any cop with half a brain would probably realize that.

    In any event, he would need to at least flash his creds or give the cop a card for follow-up later on. If he "forgot" his identification, that's his problem, not the cop's.

    As for being a Dep

    • Not only that, but if he were a classified operator/analyst, the CIA would do what they did to "prove" he didn't work for the CIA! They would disavow all knowledge of him. So the guy is stupid for claiming to be a CIA spook, and the cops are stupid for thinking that the CIA would acknowledge a spook worked for them.

      The CIA's basic rule of thumb when it comes to violating laws is this: don't get caught, because if you do, we're likely to disavow all knowledge.

      Of course, he claimed to be a "deputy chief" (

  • Claiming to be in the CIA, who as seen a CIA badge? It's the most generic, none-descriptive, fake looking badge of any part of government, I've ever seen. The guy sweeping the floor has a fancier badge embroidered on his shirt, right next to his name badge. It's only be funnier if he was actually a fired agent.
  • I thought the CIA's policy was to netiher confirm nor deny. In light of this policy shift, in the future a failure to deny will be seen as a confirmation! Now all our enemies have to do is call up the CIA, claim to be local police, say they have a person who claims to be a CIA agent and wants out of a speeding ticket, and when they find someone the CIA does not deny, they'll know they've found a covert agent!

    • by Shimbo ( 100005 )

      I thought the CIA's policy was to netiher confirm nor deny.

      Well then, call the Vice President's Office instead.

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