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Tactical Nuclear Penguin, the World's Strongest Beer 21

cheros writes "No, it's not a new game, and it's not a new Linux distro either (although it would be quite a name), it's beer. What's more, it's not your average new taste either, it's incredibly strong stuff with 32% alcohol. Please do not drink too much of this, or you'll become too risky to cremate."


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Tactical Nuclear Penguin, the World's Strongest Beer

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  • Wow, that's pretty strong stuff. What kind of yeast strain can withstand that level of alchohol? The Ninja yeast that Sam Adams uses is good to about 25% or so. Is the yeast open source?

    • by kick6 ( 1081615 )
      They probably add ethanol after the brew process. Most of the majors already do this.
      • Which makes me question the quality of the beer. And if they just add it in, what's to stop me from taking a bottle of lab-grade ethanol, putting a drop of beer in it, and claiming the record for the world's strongest beer?
        • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

          by psyque ( 1234612 )
          Because nobody would survive to confirm it.
          • No, you can drink pure ethanol. Not much of it, but you can drink it. Everclear is (was?) pretty close to pure alcohol.

            • No, you can drink pure ethanol. Not much of it, but you can drink it.

              Confirmed, from personal experience. A friend would bring a 250ml bottle of absolute ethanol down to the mountaineering club's new year meets to see the old year out with a kick. Biological grade reagent - several hundred pounds per bottle at the time. The exact concentration is a bit dubious, because it's hygroscopic (absorbs water from the atmosphere), but it's close enough to "100%" to satisfy the chemist in my background.
              It's more like

              • I was under the impression that 100% ethanol was dangerous to drink straight because of its hygroscopic properties- as it would essentially draw the moisture out of the lining of your throat, creating what the body would treat as a burn- inflammation, swelling, generally something you don't want associated with your airway. Did you actually drink it, or was it more of a 'slurping' type of aerosolization?
                • Drink it straight down. No noticeable problems with drying out the throat. You're not drinking the stuff by the litre, after all. (What would the lethal dose of pure ethanol be? In the order of a half-litre?)

                  Hmmm, my braincell tells me that injection of significant quantities of high-grade ethanol into the stomach has been used as a method of inducing stomach cancers in rodents. Don't know where I know that from.
                  But so what? It's not as if anyone was unaware that the "toxic" in "intoxication" is the same "t

    • by Xargle ( 165143 )

      It's ice distilled from a good regular beer.

      Process is outlined in this quite entertaining video :

      • by Gilmoure ( 18428 )

        You can make a crude brandy this way with freezing wine.

        (thank you, H. Beam Piper for this info)

    • My favorite high alcohol beer is 307 ale. It is 153.5% alcohol, and a great drinking song. []

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