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The Beaver Magazine Changes Name Because of Filters 20

laejoh writes "As of the April-May 2010 issue, The Beaver magazine will be renamed Canada's History. The stated reasons are that the name has become so associated with the sexual euphemism that online material by the magazine using its name in the header is being blocked by spam filters. Use of the word 'beaver' on the Internet has taken on an identity that nobody could have anticipated in 1920."


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The Beaver Magazine Changes Name Because of Filters

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  • But you just wait till YOUR favourite animal becomes commonplace for a sexual innuendo.

    It happened with Pussy Cats, and Beavers. Even Puppies. Soon Snakes will take off.

    Thats why I've decided to become a fan of plankton.

    • You've never heard of the infamous one eyed trouser snake []?

      From the (urban)dictionary entry:

      "An elusive animal that comes in many shapes and sizes. The rare hooded trouser snake is more aware of its environment, but this snake likes to collect cheesy matter and keep it in its hood. Each snake carries a venom sack that produces a white venom when it reaches maturity. The snake's one eye also functions as its mouth and waste removal system. The snake does not like cold weather and will shrink

    • I know people who live in Gay Street []. The funny bit was when they went on TV to explain why they wanted the name of the street changed. Now years later and seeing the advertisements which google puts on that map page I think they may have had a point.

      • I know people who live in Gay Street.

        Poor bastards. I almost feel sympathy for them. And them [], and probably some others too.

        On the other hand ... I'll bet that the local road-name-plate makers have big cars, gaudy medallions and healthy profit margins.

    • Hey babe... wanna taste of my plankton?

      Sorry, I fscked it up for you. :-)

    • We already know how they've spoiled "cock" and "chickenhawk" for us.

  • Especially for fans of the classic TV series Leave it to Beaver [] Wait a minute... what exactly is a "Beaver Vibe", and why is the Leave it to Beaver website advertising them?
  • That whole beaver as a sex thing? We never saw it.
    I mean come on, it's a tasty little thing and makes a nice hat.

    There was this one guy on the board, claimed he was a time traveller, said in 90 years, "beaver" would be an obscene term.
    We all laughed, called a vote, then took him out and drove him into the wilderness naked.

    Guess he was right after all, dagnabbit.

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