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Free Netbook From Microsoft, Then Things Got Weird 17

paiute writes "Matt Karolian, a Marketing Communications major at Emerson College in Boston 'won' a netbook in a Microsoft re-tweet competition (whatever that is). Then the prize arrived, and it was not exactly the high-quality major award he had expected from Microsoft."


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Free Netbook From Microsoft, Then Things Got Weird

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  • Really, who cares? I'd just do a few virus/rootkit scans (Or whatever it is you do with Windows) and use it. I mean, it's a netbook, and you got it for free.
  • Licenses. (Score:2, Informative)

    by baldusi ( 139651 )

    Unless he uses Linux, FreeBSD or any other OSS, he's exposing himself to infringing on Microsoft copyright (how can that be penalized more heavily than physical robbery, is beyond me).
    And he has just make a very public questioning of the legality of his software ownership.
    I do think he should press to get proper licensing. How does he knows that it was properly activated and it's not a crack? WPA itself has lots of false negatives as it is.

    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      While it's clear that publishing something like this could raise some flags I have to disagree. If he wants to keep the system as-is then documenting the received condition should serve to protect him.

      Lack of a COA is not lack of proper licensing. There's nothing that requires Microsoft to provide a COA with a promotional item, and should there be a case brought against the new owner it's still the copyright holder's responsibility to prove the lack of license and the presence of use.

  • Wipe hard drive. Start over. Don't worry about how you got the computer, just enjoy. end of story.
  • Gifted horse? (Score:1, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Ever heard a saying "do not look a gifted horse in the mouth"? You got a free laptop, shut up and enjoy it. I hope this will be a warning for any other company to never give you anything else for free.
    • Microsoft should have hired an 'A' list actress to ride to his house in a limousine, hand deliver the prize, and punch that crybaby in the face!
  • by Anonymous Coward

    > was not exactly the high-quality major award he had expected from Microsoft."

    Expecting anything high quality from Microsoft is a mistake.

  • Test PC? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by tafkadasoh ( 1634863 )
    This looks like a test PC. Hardware vendors ship their newest products to big software companies so they can play around with it, check performance, etc. I'm guessing some product manager got one, used it for a couple of weeks to test Win7+Office. Then he/she got a newer model, so he/she gave the old one away in this contest and forgot to wipe the hard drive. So keep the Key. Maybe it's an internal debug key you can use forever on any machine...
  • Like the other guy said, might've been a test device. Sounds like _______ department within Microsoft allowed the dude to run his own contest or something. I'm sure microsoft employees have access to as many copies of Windows as they could possibly want... maybe the upgrade was a courtesy? and boxes are wonderful for re-using. Alot of geeks aren't known for aesthetiics... so the dude takes the initiative to ship a laptop. *cry* also I worked at UPS and I saw boxes take some damage

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