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Debt Collectors Use Public Shaming To Collect Money 8

Being unable to pay your bills is a terrible feeling, but it could be worse. You could be in debt in Spain. Instead of harassing phone calls or threatening letters, Spanish debt collectors are using public shaming to get their money. Some of the things the debt collectors have tried include: sending a man in a tuxedo and top hat who follows you around everywhere, and men dressed up like superheroes who ask your neighbors to help you out of your bad financial situation. One of the biggest collection agencies, El Cobrador del Frac, which translates to "The Debt Collector in Top Hat and Tails," employs more than 250 shame collectors. Mr. Granda El Cobrador del Frac's manager says, "The government and justice system don't do anything ... and people think they can get away with anything. We are here to do public justice. I see us as sort of Robin Hoods. We are helping honest clients get their rightful money back. I do not feel sorry for these professional debtors. I feel sorry for our clients who have to close their businesses and whose families might go hungry because these bad people don't pay."


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Debt Collectors Use Public Shaming To Collect Money

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  • Some super hero goes to the hood to collect money Tyrone owes Rent-a-Center on a bad debt for a flat panel T.V.
    Supeman gets mugged and beaten by Tyrones neighbors and to add insult to injury, gets his car stolen.
    Later that evening on the porch, with a 40 of Old English 800, Tyrone is first amused at the story, then pissed that he didn't get a chance at some of the loot.

  • There are better ways to protect against "professional debtors." It's called a credit score. Not perfect, but it helps prevent the bad loan in the first place.
  • These guys must work for low pay in order to make such a scheme profitable.

  • I don't remember Robin Hood robbing from the poor to give to the rich.

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