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Teacher Gets Stolen Car Back, All Souped Up 135

Police found Amanda Pogany's stolen 1996 Honda in a chop shop and were able to return it to her. While in the custody of the thieves, the car got a few upgrades, including a new V-8 engine, manual transmission, leather interior, tinted windows, and oversize tires. Unfortunately Amanda won't be able to play The Fast and the Furious around the neighborhood with her new souped up car. She doesn't know how to drive a stick.


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Teacher Gets Stolen Car Back, All Souped Up

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  • If this were true, I would be very interested in seeing it. Swapping a V8 into any Honda would require a ton of custom work.

    • No V8 (Score:1, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward

      Looks like [] a turbo 4.

      • by dave562 ( 969951 )

        Nah, not even a turbo. Just a standard VTEC motor with headers and an intake. Definitely fun to drive and decent on gas mileage, but still well under 200 horsepower.

    • Well I don't know about a Honda, but I have ridden in a Vega where they dropped in a small block V8. The thing had to have a wheelie bar in the back to keep it from flipping when he nailed it! Hell of a fun car to ride in though.
      • The Vega upgrade would be WAY easier to do! I can't imagine how they got a V8 into such a small engine well. Their mechanic has some serious skills.
  • Would learn to drive stick.
    Sell it for a new Car.
    Either way. They can steal and my car any day if they bring it back like that
    BUT it's a one out of a million chance. Couldn't of happened to a nicer person.
    • I bought my wife a brand new manual Subaru Forester... she very quickly learned how to drive stick! This teacher should stop whining and do the same... keeping this car will make her VERY popular with her male students!
    • Yup. No time like the present...

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