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Spider-Man Foils Comic Book Thief 40

chebucto writes "The BBC reports that 'A comic book shop owner in Australia became a real-life superhero when he caught a robber red-handed. Michael Baulderstone, who was dressed as Spider-Man for a promotional event, spied a customer behaving suspiciously during an International Free Comic Day celebration. CCTV footage shows him "leap" into action and confront the would-be shoplifter who had slipped a AU$160 (£97) X-Men book into his bag. ... He said a group of Jedi knights blocked the door to prevent the thief from escaping, as The Flash looked on.'"


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Spider-Man Foils Comic Book Thief

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    ...he just went to summon the police then came back in the blink of an eye!

  • Perhaps he just didn't want to bother the owner with wrapping up his free comic.

    • You can't just take any comic, especially not the expensive ones. You have to pick from the pre-selected cheap ones.
  • From TFA: "We had about 40 people dressed up as their favourite superheroes to celebrate International Free Comic Day, so he [the thief] didn't have much of a choice but to hand the X-Men Omnibus back after a little bit of a scuffle," Mr Baulderstone told the Adelaide Advertiser...."

    Why would you name it that!?
  • by poly_pusher ( 1004145 ) on Wednesday May 05, 2010 @02:51PM (#32102700)
    The video is on Youtube: []

    That was boring... But It was better than Spiderman 3...
  • Inaccurate picture (Score:2, Informative)

    by minchazo ( 1548055 )
    The picture attached of the fat man in a poorly-made Spider-Man costume doesn't do justice to the actual costume in the linked article.
  • Here's the video footage for anyone interested: []

    also a news article with slightly better footage and an interview: []
  • 'Hero' (Score:4, Insightful)

    by bill_mcgonigle ( 4333 ) * on Wednesday May 05, 2010 @04:23PM (#32103878) Homepage Journal

    He's not a real-life 'superhero', he's a real-life hero.

    Superhero doesn't mean "he's so awesome" it means he has superpowers. Like Flash or Spiderman, not like Batman or Iron Man. Personally I find heroes more interesting.

    Heroes are important, let's give them the respect they deserve.

    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by enoz ( 1181117 )

      He's not a real-life 'superhero', he's a real-life hero.

      A store owner follows a suspected thief around his store and then asks for assistance from the general public to prevent the suspect from leaving, then calls the cops. Where exactly was the "hero" in any of that?

      This no-news is only "news" because tabloid media loves pointing and laughing at nerds dressed in costumes.

      • by Macrat ( 638047 )

        Where exactly was the "hero" in any of that?

        That's a big deal in the US where people usually only take video with their phones and prefer to not get involved.

  • by rsax ( 603351 )
    Why you would want Flash taking up space in real life or on your phone is beyond me.
  • Hero?

    First, a hero is someone who risks his life to successfully save a person who is in danger of imminent death. If you didn't risk your own life, you're not a hero. If the person isn't saved, you're not a hero. Trying to save someone doesn't make you a hero, it means you TRIED to be a hero (which is admirable--just not heroic).

    Confronting a criminal in a crowded place and relying on innocent bystanders to help is, I think, the OPPOSITE of a hero. Getting a good description and letting him leave
    • I think you'll find that a hero is someone who "Saves the Day". Risking ones life is just a measure of courage. Also, just because he's on Camera does not mean that he will get caught. London is full of security cameras but that does not correlate between increase in cameras installed over time vs increase in criminals caught.
  • Spidey, the new outfit really shows off your physique!
  • Whilst Spiderman was chasing the portly kleptomaniac around the hazardous maze filled with random innocents, the Jedi Knights guarded the entrance and waved their hands saying "This is not the exit you are looking for..." to which the evil Hutt had no choice but to return the sacred picture book.

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