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Nutritionist Claims His Pre-Packaged Meals Are Dangerous 35

Nutrition guru Gary Null may be best known as an advocate for alternative medicines, or for his stance that HIV does not cause AIDS, but his recent lawsuit may raise more eyebrows. Gary is suing the maker of his pre-packaged "Power Meals," claiming that they will make you sick. From the article: "In a lawsuit filed in New York on April 26, Gary Null alleges that he became severely ill after eating a dietary supplement that caused him to develop a number of painful symptoms. In fact, Gary Null alleges, 'Gary Null's Ultimate Power Meal' almost killed Gary Null."


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Nutritionist Claims His Pre-Packaged Meals Are Dangerous

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  • by dov_0 ( 1438253 ) on Thursday May 13, 2010 @10:48AM (#32193348)
    I guess he got a taste of his own medicine?
  • Maybe he's counting on jury nullification!

  • by 5pp000 ( 873881 ) * on Thursday May 13, 2010 @06:21PM (#32201082)

    Looks like someone read "micro" and thought "milli" again (they used 1000 times too much vitamin D in the mix).

    Same thing that happened in that tragic accident that killed all those racehorses some months ago -- someone was supposed to put N micrograms of selenium in their supplement, but instead gave them N milligrams. They died a horrible death.

    Maybe we should consider changing one of these prefixes so they don't both begin with "m".

    • I always thought micro started with a u.

    • Maybe we should consider changing one of these prefixes so they don't both begin with "m".

      Or spelling them out when it matters: "use 53 micrograms of Vitamin Foo".

      • What would be an example of when a 3 orders of magnitude difference would be irrelevant?
        • Well, most uses aren't life-and-death, or nearly so unobvious. 100mg of an unfamiliar medicine doesn't look like an unreasonable amount, even if 100ug is the correct dose. If the correct volume is 1g, though, you'd probably do a double-take if the bottle was mislabeled that each dose was 1kg.

    • Even more insiduous is that when MS designed thier symbol font (yes I know it's a deperecated way of doing things but not everyone moves with the times) they put the micro sign at the m position. So if someone uses the symbol font to represent the micro sign and then font information is lost or the font is unavailable the micro sign will be replaced by an m.

      • Even more insiduous is that when MS designed thier symbol font

        As I understand it, it was Adobe's idea to map Greek letter glyphs onto codepoints commonly used for Latin. But then that was before Unicode took off.

  • The correct suffix for a measurement in micrograms is the Greek letter Mu (like a u)g. ie g. mcg is just ... pathetic and a sad indictment on anyone who uses it.
    • The correct suffix for a measurement in micrograms is the Greek letter Mu (like a u)g.

      mcg is standard in medicine, and is important handwritten prescriptions since a handwritten script "m" and a handwritten Greek mu can be virtually indistinguishable, while script "mcg" is far more distinct from "mg", see, e.g., here [].

      • This seems to me like a classic case of papering over the symptoms rather than solving the underlying issue* and in doing so creating potential confusion if/when the information is passed to paople of another proffession (as might for the case with these power meals, I bet the people making them aren't medical proffesionals)

        *The underlying issue being people using script handwriting (and often bad script handwriting at that) to write out important abbreviations.

  • Obviously the Power Meals are loaded with Real Ultimate Power, like what Ninjas have. []

    You know Ninjas, that flip out and kill people without warning. Obviously the Power Meal was demonstrating its Real Ultimate Power.

  • by rleibman ( 622895 ) on Friday May 14, 2010 @07:39PM (#32214930) Homepage
    I don't get this... he can easily convince me that HIV does not cause AIDS... just let himself get injected with a nice shot of the virus... oh, yeah, he believes in alternative medicine. from Tim Minchin: "You know what they call alternative medicine that works?" "Medicine!"
    • That's nothing. I have problems with my email address. I was just at the New Patriot Journal and had to use my Yahoo address because they had to have email from a "valid address" (apparently isn't a valid email address, despite me having used it for several years).

  • Three cheers for reductionist rationalist rationalistic analysis and problem-solving that doesn't involve being a somewhat charismatic guy (as G.N. evidently is for some people). In my experience listening to him, his view of a dictatorial, blinkered, medical establishment is more like projection than anything else. (Yes, the medical establishment is sometimes wrong, but I see more self-correction in't than in Mr Null's corpus.)
    As a wise old pot-head observed, 'They laughed at Galileo, but they also lau
  • Gary Null (Score:3, Interesting)

    by DaMattster ( 977781 ) on Saturday May 15, 2010 @08:02PM (#32223120)
    Well, at the very least he used his own product and this shows some measure of responsibilitiy on his part. He did his fiduciary duty to put out a warning and felt obligated to be honest to his customers. This is A LOT better than many of the food and drug companies out there. Most would rather make profits, deny problems, and try to sweep negatives under the carpet.

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