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Woman Sues Phone Company After Her Affair Is Exposed 3

Gabriella Nagy says the billing practices of Rogers Wireless Inc. allowed her husband to discover her extramarital affair, and she's not happy about it. She is now suing the company for $600,000, alleging invasion of privacy and breach of contract. "The husband used the previously private and confidential information that the defendant unilaterally disclosed to the husband to inquire about the people that the plaintiff was telephoning and the nature of such calls," the statement of claim says.


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Woman Sues Phone Company After Her Affair Is Exposed

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  • So she got caught in an affair and she's the one suing? I'd be hiding if I were her. No shame.

  • My roommate moved out without leaving contact info, so I called the phone company to try to get the phone put in my name instead of his. The phone company informed me they couldn't switch it over unless he gave permission, which he could do be phone. So I said "So what you're telling me is the only way I can get the bill put in my name is to call you back claiming to be my roommate and authorize the transfer?" To which the phone company rep replied, "That's correct, sir."

    I suspect the husband in this case

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