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Young Shoplifters To Be Given Jobs In Shops 3

Young shoplifters in the UK may soon face a punishment far worse than jail. A new program would force them to work weekends in restaurants or in retail stores. The program is designed to keep the children from having a lasting record, and teach them just how terrible working with the public can be. Not everyone thinks it's a good idea to put the little foxes in the hen house however. From the article: "But local shopkeepers have expressed discomfort with the scheme. Tina Sayer, who works at city center store Planet News, said, 'Everybody deserves a second chance, but you would have to be very careful what position you put them in. I believe that a leopard does not change its spots.' She stressed, 'I know that's cynical but I would not be comfortable with shoplifters having anything to do with cash or with stock.'"
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Young Shoplifters To Be Given Jobs In Shops

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  • Letting the foxes run the henhouse is a bad idea, but the idea of putting these people into service-industry jobs for a while is appealing: something to teach respect for the people who work jobs like this.

    Actual retail, though is probably not a good choice, for reasons mentioned above. Perhaps custodial services might work better, or (for older offenders) even some kind of unskilled construction? Tech support in a call center may work for the more technically-savvy offenders. Something which carries simila

  • Has anybody informed these geniuses that the majority of "shrinkage" in the average retail shop comes not from shoplifting, but rather from employee theft?
  • I want a job in a video game store, why go to an interview when I can get the job and a free copy of modern warfare 2?

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