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Student Shocks Own Nipples, Sues Teacher 10

An anonymous reader writes "The Associated Press reports that a New Hampshire high school student who connected electrodes to his nipples that were plugged into the wall, severely shocking him, is suing the teacher, the school district, and the city because the teacher failed to warn him not to do so. Student Kyle Dubois attached a wire to his nipples, cooperated with another student to attach a second wire to the other nipple, and a third student plugged them in. A classmate captured the event on cell phone video. Kyle and his parents claim that he didn't know it was dangerous and the teacher's failure to warn him resulted in permanent brain damage. If I was the teacher's attorney, I would be tempted to argue that there is strong evidence the brain damage was present before the incident took place."
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Student Shocks Own Nipples, Sues Teacher

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  • Maybe it's me, but it seems like the teacher shouldn't have left the kids unattended long enough to set something like this up. Sure the teacher shouldn't be sued for not telling him not to do that, but maybe they should be in at least a little trouble for leaving the students alone and unsupervised.
  • Sounds like an excellent case of evolution in action - or at least a creditable attempt at a Darwin Award.

    The tricky thing is that the pupil didn't either kill himself (was it a him? I've closed the original article) or destroy his gonads, so the possibility still exists of his genes staying in the gene pool, which would preclude him getting a DA. But that can be taken care of with a welding rod and associated equipment, and only a minor amount of screaming and thrashing. If there were any justice in the wo

  • There should be a law against that kind of stupidity.

  • From the article:

    The New Hampshire Union Leader says Dubois's suit contends he suffered permanent brain damage.

    I, for one, would like some evidence that the brain damage didn't occur long before the incident.

    In all seriousness, why in the hell wasn't this guy in the special ed class? It's not clear to me that a person can make it to high school age, and still regard attaching electrical leads to one's own nipples as a good idea (something to be done, even), without legitimately being retarded. I'd like to stress that this occurred in April, toward the end of the school year, in a shop class, where h

  • Well gee, why should the teacher be at fault for the moron's own actions? If he wants to be a Darwin award winner, it's not the teachers job to tie him up in a straight jacket. Perhaps, parents should sign him up for a gun safety class, so he can try again and maybe get it right... Sheesh!

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