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San Francisco Taco Truck Earns Zagat Top Mark

Forget reservations or getting dressed up, if you want to get some of the best food in San Francisco all you need to do is find the El Tonayense taco truck. The truck - parked daily outside the Best Buy on Harrison Street at 13th - received top place in Zagat's 2011 Best Bang for Your Buck category. From the article: "The El Tonayense tacos are $1.75, and the burritos are $6. Ken Lo, a regular, says he considers El Tonayense's husband and wife owners pioneers of the growing food truck trend. 'As opposed to opening a $500,000 restaurant, these chefs can start a taco truck for a fraction of the cost, and still offer the kind of quality cuisine you can get at a neighborhood restaurant,' said Lo."
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San Francisco Taco Truck Earns Zagat Top Mark

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