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The World's Fastest Lawnmower 20

Bobby Cleveland is the proud owner of the world's fastest lawnmower again. He managed to get his rider up to 96 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats to reclaim the title from his speed mowing rival, Don Wales.

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The World's Fastest Lawnmower

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  • I'd say by the sound of it that was Cooter talking over the radio to one of the Duke boys...

    just me or did he have no idea how to operate that radio?

    Tho drag racing lawnmowers has got to be a redneck party theme... kud-yud-yud!

  • Does it have a six pack cooler on it?
  • ha! it should also show it's purpose of mowing the lawn! not just running through the dust! nothing relevant from these group. good post anyway. Motherboard Sata []
  • What's the point of the wing when it's completely obscured by the driver?

    • Not exactly aero in general. You figure a fully-faired bike can get up to 80-some mph (less than a horsepower), these guys have still got some engineering left to do.
    • They have a sarcastic sense of humour :)

    • by zcubed ( 916242 )
      At the 5 minute mark they mow some grass to make it official.
      • So I guess I could just throw some sort of cutting blades under my pinto and set the record then. (Assuming a pinto can go 96 mph)
        • by zcubed ( 916242 )
          I don't know all the rules for being declared the fastest lawnmower in the world, but from watching the video:
          1. It has to be fast
          2. At some point it has to mow some grass

          You now have all my knowledge on fast lawnmower competitions. Get your pinto take it to the salt flats and see how you do. Keep us updated and good luck.
        • by schon ( 31600 )

          (Assuming a pinto can go 96 mph)

          Of course it can - make sure you have 1/2 tank of gas, and have someone whack the rear bumper with a sledgehammer. I'm sure parts of the pinto will reach 96mph. :)

    • If it was mowing grass at 96 mph over a typically bumpy lawn, then I'd call it a feat of engineering. This is just a really unsafe and pointlessly heavy go kart on a dirt track.

  • But does it mow the lawn?

    (OK, I guess it does, if you count that tiny strip of grass at the 5 minute mark)

    • by DocMAME ( 933222 )
      Yes, after the record setting run, Bobby put the blades on and mowed a patch of grass to prove that it is indeed still a lawnmower.
  • by Jon Abbott ( 723 )

    Wooooo doggy! It's a real life Ricky Bobby. I hope they picked up after themselves. I'd hate to be riding at 200 MPH on the salt and run over a golf ball.

  • Bobby commented about the wing in the video for the first speed record... it is more for appearances because the kids like it. Bobby Cleveland is a great guy and someone that I'm proud to call a friend... he is the most polite southern boy you'd ever care to meet and he knows his engines... that's why Gold Eagle hires him to drive that big transport truck around as the Engine Answer Man.

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