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Man Dies of Caffeine Overdose 5

morgan_greywolf writes "A British man died after poisoning himself with two spoonfuls of caffeine powder bought over the internet. Michael Lee Bedford, 23, from Mansfield, central England, was at a party in April when he swallowed caffeine powder that a friend bought online for £3.29 ($5.26), Nottingham Coroner's Court heard Thursday. He washed the powder down with an energy drink, and around 15 minutes later began sweating and vomiting blood. He later died at King's Mill Hospital in Nottinghamshire, central England, the Nottingham Post reported."


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Man Dies of Caffeine Overdose

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  • Well it looks like the US isn't the only country who has these types of people. Famous last words, "Hey guys, watch this!"

    Unfortunately I am becoming so jaded to this type of thing, I can't quite figure out if this is funny or sad.
  • looks like he may be in the running for a Darwin Award...
  • I don't want to sound to harsh, but anyone who decides to eat "caffeine powder" bought from the Internet of all places, deserves to die.
    • Sure that makes sense. He deserved to die. So if he had purchased the powder, got it and decided to eat it, but then a friend stopped him, he should be arrested and executed, because he deserves to die for making that decision.

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