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Plan To Tax Romanian Witches Draws Curses 12

dbune writes "Romanian witches are upset over the government's plan to tax them for the first time. So, they are protesting in ways that only they can. The government's austerity measures have prompted widespread spells to be cast. From the article: 'The issue is no laughing matter to many in politics. Witches are using cat feces and dead dogs in their incantations on the president and other government leaders.'"


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Plan To Tax Romanian Witches Draws Curses

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  • BEDEVERE: How do you know she is a witch?
    VILLAGER #2: She looks like one.

  • So what, the government should let them be treated different because they threaten it? A protest is one thing but curses could be considered terroristic threats. Besides, they are using their skills as a profession, why should they be different than anyone else in that regard? (In this case I'm saying skills as in skill to convince people to give them money in return for some action on their part, not necessarily that they have any mystical abilities or not). Sounds to me like the government wants them to
    • It works for the church. Witches are just using a well proven strategy. If threatening the government to get tax breaks and special treatment worked for fans of Jesus Christ, it should work for the witches, I expect.
      • Don't be ridiculous. Churches don't pay taxes for the same reason the Rockefeller Foundation doesn't: they're charitable organizations. ( Would you please give an example or historical basis for your claim about the church? P.S. Of course I'm talking US law here, but I've personally interacted with the church in Romania as well, and I'm quite certain they're not making threats, at least not the Roma I spent time with.
  • FTA:

    President Traian Basescu, who is highly superstitious, and his aides already invoke the "violent flame" by wearing purple on Thursdays in an attempt to ward off evil spirits.

    Inevitable reference to xkcd here [].

  • Dear Romanian goverment,

    please read this book [] before it is too late (for you)!

    Regards (for now),
    Granny Weatherwax

  • for cursing the banks?

  • The tax rate is only 16%. I'm moving there and opening up a palm-reading parlor!
    • The tax rate is only 16%. I'm moving there and opening up a palm-reading parlor!

      Brilliant idea. I can't see how this can be a saturated sector in Romania. You'll make so much Romanian money! And their GDP looks awesome too!

  • So the witches, astrologers, and fortune tellers will have to pay income tax like everyone else for their health and pension programs. Free loaders.....

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