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Men Try to Fund Trip With Stolen Beef Jerky 2

West Virginia Police were able to stop a criminal junk food empire before it got out of hand by arresting a pair of beef jerky bandits. Michael Allen Graham, 37, and John Edward Barry, 35 were stopped by police who noticed a large amount of boxed and packaged beef jerky. From the article: "Police interviewed the two men. Graham admitted the jerky and socket sets were stolen from various auto parts stores and gas stations in West Virginia, according to court documents. Graham said both men participated in stealing the items. He explained that Barry’s sister and husband had been visiting them in Milton and called them for help when their car broke down in New Stanton on their way back to eastern Pennsylvania. The pair began stealing the items from auto parts stores and gas stations, then attempted to sell the merchandise to cover travel expenses."


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Men Try to Fund Trip With Stolen Beef Jerky

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