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European Parliament Hires 10-Year-Old Interpreter 20

Fluent in English, French, Spanish, Mandarin and working on German, 10-year-old Alexia Sloane has become the youngest interpreter to work at the European Parliament. An amazing feat not only for her age, but also because she is blind. From the article: "'There is usually a minimum age requirement of 14 just to enter the European Parliament so for Alexia to interpret there at the age of 10 was amazing,' said mum Isabelle. Alexia has been tri-lingual since birth as her mum is half French and half Spanish and her dad Richard is English." I Guess I should stop bragging to my nephew about having a paper route when I was his age.


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European Parliament Hires 10-Year-Old Interpreter

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  • Since the original link seems broken: [] Sloane

    Also - slightly misleading summary - from the various news articles discussing this, it appears she won a local community "Most Courageous Child" award, and as part of it was given the opportunity to go to Brussels and sit in on and interpret for an environment committee meeting - not quite sure how much of a prize that is!

  • by wiedzmin ( 1269816 ) on Monday April 18, 2011 @12:28PM (#35856446)
    You see what your child can accomplish if they don't spend hours in front of a TV?
    • A lesson? Yeah. Kids can be made into databases. Why dont they get some math kid out to count pi? Seriously ,tired of this. Intelligence does not equal database. Thats why we have computers; rote memorization is easy if you beat the child hard enough. And these kids are going to go, well, pretty much nowhere in their life. The media has decided that this, here, now, is the pinnacle. At lest the blind girl will never be able to read how much people think she's special for being blind. What a miserable 15 m
  • Her fluency aside, she probably doesn't have the vocabulary necessary to deal with the concepts dealt with at a parliamentary meeting. If she does, at age 10, I pity her.

    • by srodden ( 949473 )

      I pity her future boyfriends :)

    • If you knew how well interpreters at the EU parliament are paid, you wouldn't pity her...

  • And how is this hiring? [] Alexia Sloane is only ten years old, but she got the opportunity to work as an interpreter at the European Parliament in Brussels. Alexia received an exception to the age 14 minimum rule because she is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Mandarin, and is now learning German -and she does a great job interpreting. Did I mention that Alexia is blind? Alexia has been tri-lingual since birth as her mothe
  • From another article, it's clear she won a prize to VISIT the EU parliament, probably had a go at a bit of translating, but in no way it looks like she actually works there... []

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