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Education Idle

Teen Fakes Pregnancy for School Project 8

For six months, 17-year-old Gaby Rodriguez endured stares, gossip and ridicule, all for a school project. As part of a presentation called "Stereotypes, Rumors and Statistics," Gaby pretended to be pregnant for most of her senior year. From the article: "Only a handful of people — her mother, boyfriend and principal among them — knew Gaby was pretending to be pregnant for her senior project, a culminating assignment required for graduation. Her teachers and fellow students, except for her best friend, didn't realize they were part of a social experiment."


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Teen Fakes Pregnancy for School Project

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  • That's a heck of a boyfriend - one who will go along with being known as a dumb louse who knocked up a teenager, for a whole school year so that the girl can write a paper. Presumably he was well-rewarded (and apparently not such a dumb louse).

    • That's a heck of a boyfriend - one who will go along with being known as a dumb louse who knocked up a teenager,

      I note that TFS makes no assertion that he "pretended" to have dumped her, or to be denying that he was the father. Also, not knowing what the laws in the state in question are, there's no indication that he was accused of (let alone convicted of) a crime, so presumably the girl in question is over 14? ("senior" year isn't terribly informative if you don't know which country they're in, or which l

  • Whoa, who in their right mind would choose to endure such... such... things, for however long that was, many months, all for just a school project, albeit a large one.
    If one was to ask me, I would say that that's taking school a bit too far.

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