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Police Recruiting Drug Users to Help Identify High Suspects 6

Minneapolis police have a new weapon in the war against drugs: stoners. Police say it's easy to tell when someone is drunk, but it can be much more difficult to determine if someone is high. To help teach officers what to look for, the department is recruiting people under the influence of drugs for training exercises. High volunteers are given rewards, such as a meal, for helping trainees figure out what drug they are on. From the article: "Officers from all over the state have come to Minneapolis’ Fifth Precinct for two weeks of intense training that will certify them as one of Minnesota’s Drug Recognition Experts. 'It’s not your typical police-subject interaction,' said Sgt. Don Marose of the Minnesota State Patrol, who trains officers for the state’s DRE program."
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Police Recruiting Drug Users to Help Identify High Suspects

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  • Well dammit! I was hoping that the police force was trading in drug dogs for drugged anybody. Also, FIRST!
    • by Dr Max ( 1696200 )
      Is this the police condoning the use of drugs. Obviously if this was in any way harmful to the users, surely they couldn't be seen rewarding people for it. Do they give the guy a hamburger one day, then the next day when they see him in the street and he appears the same way arrest and prosecute him.
  • Figuring out Crystal Meth or Pot is one thing, figuring out the difference between a user of Oxycodone or Diazepam is much more difficult.
    • Let alone the difficulty of spotting someone under the influence of oxytocin. Or adrenaline (looks rather like various amphetamines).
  • If you get a PhD in Drug Recognition Experts, are you then formally referred to as Dr. DRE?

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