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Lego Super-8 Video Projector 66

dosh8er writes "This is pretty cool. Other than the reels, lamp, and lens, Friedemann Wachsmuth built this fascinating (and useful) Super-8 video projector from what appears to be common Lego Technic parts."

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Lego Super-8 Video Projector

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  • by NixieBunny ( 859050 ) on Sunday May 22, 2011 @04:17PM (#36211282) Homepage
    There is a difference between movies and videos, and between projectors and cameras. Subtle, but it's there.
    • Is there a difference between real life and between photos and magazines?

      • Is there a difference between real life and between photos and magazines?

        Not since the advent of digital cameras; there's no projecting through negatives any more.

        • That's not true. For quite a while you could get digital images converted to ones that could be put in a slide projector. Or onto regular 35mm film for creating normal prints from digital.

          I think that has fallen by the wayside as other forms of printing have been advancing.

    • Especially since a camera must be light-tight; a projector, not so much. Legos fit snugly, but aren't light tight.
    • I for one am interested in this new Super 8 video technology. It's apparently film and video at the same time, like those CD records.
    • by antdude ( 79039 )

      I bet the submitter/author is a youngling. Back in my days, we used projectors a lot. Now, get off my lawn kids! ;)

      • I fondly recall the few times that a bunch of us got together and rented a movie projector and a few reals to watch. It was kind of a pain, but there's something about watching movies in a way that's roughly analogous to how they're viewed in a theater.

        • by antdude ( 79039 )

          Funny, I complained about my local AMC movie theater not getting digital screen. They finally started getting and showing them last year or two. Now, my friends and I can finally stop going to far away theaters for better pictures.

      • I've got about 3hrs worth of 3min super 8 reels from the early 80's when my kids were toddlers, the projector still works. The grandkids are toddlers now but in a few years I think they will enjoy watching thier parent's childhood on grandpa's antique "video player".
  • Legos are 8mm tall.
    • by Anonymous Coward

      The horizontal Lego unit is 8mm. The vertical unit is 9.6mm (2.4mm for 1/3 height plates). You are hereby ordered to tear up your geek card.

      • Technic LEGOs are 8mm tall. I don't know what is this "brick" thing you speak of.
        • by srodden ( 949473 )

          There are no LEGOs! LEGO is the brand! The pieces are, well, pieces (or bricks, blocks or units or whatever). To say LEGOs is like saying Sheeps!

          GET IT RIGHT! /internetpedant

          • You try having kids and not calling them LEGOs. "Sammy! Clean up your LEGOs right this minute!"
            • by srodden ( 949473 )

              My parents used to call it "Lego" or "that mess" :-) Also we had a double-bed sheet that used to contain all my Lego. So cleaning up was a matter of grabbing 4 corners and lifting.

              TBH I've always detested the idea of having kids but now it occurs to me that it would give me an excuse to play with Lego again, it's starting to have a bit more appeal!

            • Whatever happened to "This pig sty!"? It's pretty unlikely that the mess would only include "LEGOs".
  • by Anonymous Coward

    When they get some lego swedish erotica.

  • test (Score:1, Offtopic)

    by davidwr ( 791652 )

    Yes, but does it run


    Dang, it's hard to get past the lameness filter around here. Registered editors with decent karma should be allowed a few lame posts every now and then.

  • It is a movie projector! You kids, I have to tell ya; why back in my days............

  • I guess that's what I get for hitting post without the proper Engrish parsing... Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, I'd say it's pretty cool. I'd put it up there with the Lego Antikythera mechanism: []
  • LED flashlight... finally something that will not burn the frame when it gets stuck. A bit too late tho. Funny that thing looks more reliable than a machine i had. Only thing is the "Super" part means magnetic audio, i don't think he has that in place.

  • I actually have a school's old library of 16mm educational films, & a few movies, so I'm biased towards 16mm but the larger 18mm reels are heavy, it might not even be physically possible on Legos without turntables, but then you need to have angled rollers for the threading to get the picture up-right & all'd take up the whole table :P

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