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Egypt Introduces Lion Fighting to Boost Tourism 4

Egypt is hoping that their new economic problems have an old solution. Taking a page out of the Roman playbook, they plan on introducing lion fighting to increase tourism. Panthera leo fighting enthusiast al-Sayed al-Essawy plans to fight a full-grown African lion in front of the Pyramids at Giza. “The world will flock to see the Egyptian man who defeated a lion with his bare hands. After the revolution, with the economy the way it is, I've been given the perfect opportunity to realize my dream," he says. Adding: "I discovered my incredible strength at the age of 13, and, almost immediately afterwards, promised myself that, one of these days, I would fight a lion. If America, or any other country, had a man with the ability to combat the strongest creature on the planet, they would properly promote him, and use his strength to their advantage."
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Egypt Introduces Lion Fighting to Boost Tourism

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  • ...OUT...OF...HIS...GOD...DAMNED...MIND...

    If all it took was strength to beat a fucking lion, then we would have a LOT less lions on the planet. Strength doesn't stop teeth, claws, etc. plus about a 2:1 weight bias, plus physical size etc. Looks like the build up to yet another scene for "Faces of Death"...

  • Maybe they plan on wounding the lion first like they do in bull fighting. Even with that, I can't imagine he'll succeed given the speed and sharp claws of a lion. Is this story just a stunt?

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