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Give The Onion a Pulitzer Campaign Gaining Steam 110

Long before Stewart or Colbert were on TV you could count on The Onion to bring you your daily dose of fake or funny news. After the recent publication of their 1000th issue, a small but growing movement has started pushing for the Pulitzer Prize to be awarded to the satirical site. The Americans for Fairness in Awarding Journalism Prizes website encourages readers to submit videos on why they think The Onion deserves the honor. The movement has grown so large that you can find videos from Tom Hanks and Arianna Huffington among the user submissions.

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Give The Onion a Pulitzer Campaign Gaining Steam

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  • Why Not? (Score:2, Insightful)

    by mr1911 ( 1942298 )
    The Onion is just about as believable as mainstream media most of the time. Probably closer to reality most of the time.
    • by blair1q ( 305137 )

      I was going to say credible, but same post otherwise.

      • That's a bit of an overstatement at best there, or maybe comparing apples to oranges. Real news sources make the claim that what they're saying is accurate. The Onion explicitly states that what they're saying is not true. You may remember some particularly insightful parodies they ran, but would forget the ones that weren't as spot-on. With news on the other hand, you're more likely to remember when the news wasn't accurate.

        Nothing ventured, nothing gained. The onion is very funny, and does make ma
        • by VJ42 ( 860241 ) *

          they have no credibility as a news source since they never say "This is the news, this is actually happening." They have never made any -false- statements about the current events, but they haven't made any true statements about current events either. If they have any credibility as a news source for that,

          They have credibility because they at least admit they're making stuff up. It's like art, they reveal a larger truth by showing falsehoods. That's why they have credibility. Other news organisations just make stuff up and pretend it's some how newsworthy.

    • If they get it then Dilbert, XKCD, FunnyOrDie, Failblog.. should receive one also. Some great journalism there.. /s
      • If they get it then Dilbert, XKCD, FunnyOrDie, Failblog.. should receive one also. Some great journalism there.. /s

        I don't think those are quite the same thing as The Onion. They are mostly just humor for humor's sake, or satirizing specific subcultures (office life, geeks, internet). The Onion has a lot of political satire, which is more relevant on the stage of national journalism. It that material on which they would be judged, not the comics about dismembered zombies and middle-school-cyber-bully-style movie reviews.

      • by Dahamma ( 304068 )

        Scott Adams has already won plenty of awards. Dilbert is a comic strip, though, not an editorial cartoon.

        As for the others - they are great humor/satire websites, but they aren't newspapers. Yes, the Onion is also a print newspaper, and has been for over 20 years...

    • But only to morons. Every week some Obama onion article makes the rounds on Facebook with conservatives screaming "ZOMG OBAMA IS BUILDING AN ABORTIONPLEX!!" [imgur.com]

      The Onion is almost as cynical and hysterically funny as Fox News. Almost.

    • Probably closer to reality most of the time.

      Note the publication date.

      http://www.theonion.com/articles/bush-our-long-national-nightmare-of-peace-and-pros,464/ [theonion.com]

  • Their only bias is attempting to be funny. They make fun of both sides equally. They may be the only major American news source that doesn't lean left or right. Isn't that worth a Pulitzer?

    • /Agree It's so rare to find political satire/humor that isn't partisan these days. The Onion is brilliant work.
  • Precognition? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by black soap ( 2201626 ) on Tuesday June 21, 2011 @11:54AM (#36515246)
    Some of their articles have come true - such as when they announced airlines would begin charging for 1st checked bags, it happened shortly after.

    If anything, The Onion has made people more aware of the news simply by mocking it. Compared to the press-release journalism most news outlets use, it is actually quite the writing accomplishment.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    If Obama can get a nobel peace prize for doing absolutely nothing then surely the onion can get a Pullitzer.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      If Obama can get a nobel peace prize for doing absolutely nothing...

      That's extremely unfair. He got it for not being the warmongering fuck that George Bush was. Or simply not being George Bush, if you prefer.

      • by mr1911 ( 1942298 )

        If Obama can get a nobel peace prize for doing absolutely nothing...

        That's extremely unfair. He got it for not being the warmongering fuck that George Bush was. Or simply not being George Bush, if you prefer.

        Ever heard of Libya? Congress approved of Bush's actions. Obama is a standalone warmonger.

        It sucks when the truth gets in the way of your rant.

      • If Obama can get a nobel peace prize for doing absolutely nothing...

        That's extremely unfair. He got it for not being the warmongering fuck that George Bush was. Or simply not being George Bush, if you prefer.

        How is that working out for ya? How many fewer wars is Obama waging than George Bush did? Oh that's right, he has continued both of Bush's wars and started another one. And unlike Bush, he did not bother to get Congress to approve his new war.

    • That nobel prize wasn't for doing absolutely nothing. It was granted to Obama for him not being Bush.

      If he did in fact do absolutely nothing, I'd support the Nobel comitee. That would be quite an acomplishment.

    • by treeves ( 963993 )

      By that reasoning, they should give Rory McIlroy a Grammy. He deserves something but it's in a totally different realm of activity.

  • lol, The Onion? If you are going to give a Pulitzer to any satirical news show, it should be the The Daily Show, which has done far more to advance News on an informative level and humor level than the Onion has. The Onion is just a parody site, that has parroted back warped versions of current events. Granted, a Pulitzer is probably just for print journalism (I am guessing), but if you are going to start lobbying to create new categories, create one to recognize a show that has substance and lulz.
    • by mark-t ( 151149 )
      There's no need to create any new categories of Pulitzers for the Onion to take one...it could certainly be a reasonable candidate for a Feature Writing award, for instance.
    • Oh, come on, they gave several Pulitzer's to the New York Times, why not The Onion? There's at least as much fact in Onion stories as the ones the NYT won Pulitzers for.
    • To be fair, the Daily Show and the Onion are different in that the Daily Show mostly presents actual news in a funny manner, whereas the Onion is full blown satire. The Daily Show does do satire sometimes but it isn't its core schtick. In any case, the Pulitzer is only for print journalism. There already is an award for television, the Emmy, and the Daily Show has won it for eight consecutive years.
      • by mark-t ( 151149 )
        Correction... the Pulitzer simply is only for print. Journalism is irrelevant.

        A Fictional novel can win a Pulitzer too, for example.

    • by mcmonkey ( 96054 )

      So I'm not the only one not on the Onion bandwagon.

      I see the Onion as one (early) stage of internet/web usage.

      The first stage is getting an email address. At this point, getting and forwarding jokes and humorous links is a novelty.

      Then one day, someone forwards you a link to an Onion story. It used to be the big gateway story was "local man reports bowl is cashed." I have no idea what the current gateway story is.

      Anyway, you follow the link and laugh at the story. So much so that you continue to read al

  • This goes to show fake news media can be more real than real news media,,, for at least its honest and relevant about what it does,
  • I've learned stuff from The Onion. The most memorable tidbit was when they did the Third Amendment Rights Group Celebrates Another Successful Year http://www.theonion.com/articles/third-amendment-rights-group-celebrates-another-su,2296/ [theonion.com] which mentions Engblom v. Carey. When I saw that my thought was "wait, is that a real court case?" And it turned out it is - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Engblom_v._Carey [wikipedia.org] . Really, an actual case revolving around your right for the government not to quarter soldiers in your
  • If Dave Barry can win one, so can The Onion.

    • Poor Dave Barry, finally gets a movie made from one of his stories, and it turns out his farce about a stolen atomic bomb finally makes it to theaters mere months after 9/11.
      And it had Tim Allen in it.
  • It's still not funny.

    Maybe you will argue it's an amazing periodical achievement. Or that it's an important piece of American satire. However, it does not imbue me with chortling.
  • According to the official guidelines, there are 14 categories of journalism Pulitzer [pulitzer.org]. Leaving aside the ones that cant be made to apply to the Onion's ouvre (a distinguished example of investigative reporting, for instance), there are only four potential categories in which it could compete:

    Category 1 - a distinguished example of public service by a newspaper or news site,

    Category 9 - commentary, or

    Category 11 - editorial writing, the test of excellence being clearness of style, moral purpose, sound reasoni

  • Of course Arianna Huffington supports giving The Onion a Pulitzer. She's running her own fake newspaper.

  • A classic Onion article is when they wrote about an entirely non-fictional event:

    http://www.theonion.com/articles/muscleman-put-in-charge-of-worlds-fifthlargest-eco,877/ [theonion.com]

  • by Meski ( 774546 )
    Any day now, there'll be an Onion article on the Onion winning a Pulitzer.

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